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About Alip Ba Ta

He has the real name Alif Gustakhiyat (31). Perhaps the name Alip Ba Ta is taken from the first three letters of the hijaiyah. He is a fingerstyle guitarist from Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia. Alief is known to work in the Cakung area, East Jakarta. He is a forklift operator, a tool or vehicle used to lift heavy loads. His world of work which is far from the field of music makes many people surprised.

About Alip Ba Ta

Alip Ba Ta


About Alip Ba Ta

Hijaiyah Letters form top right to left

Alip Ba Ta rarely speaks in his videos, because he just wanted to show his guitar playing. He wants to tell everyone that music should be enjoyed, absorbed, regardless of who is playing it. With the makeshift equipment, He is able to make a beautiful musical arrangement. Lots of praise came from local and international musicians. Even world-famous guitarists praise him, such as Brian May, Fun Two, Alexandr Misko, Herman Li (Dragon Force), Igor Presnyakov (Uncle Igor), to Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates complimented him, and many more.

About Alip Ba Ta

As a Forklift Driver

He is a very friendly and humble person. He chose to remain silent when a lot of praise came on him. He felt that there were many other finger styles that were better than him. Above the sky there is another sky. Many people say Alip Ba Ta is the god of guitar, but for him he is nothing. Actually he felt that he was not a guitar god, because Alip doesn’t want to be compared with other guitarists.

In the videos, Alip plays his guitar not in a studio. He just sat on the floor of a small house. Don’t forget a glass of Indonesian black coffee and a cigarette. Sometimes the voices of small children can be heard, Indonesian simplicity. Mantap ! Kopi mana Kopi !

About Alip Ba Ta

Alip Ba Ta Style

One thing that is unique about him is that he is not obsessed with pursuing popularity. “I’m just ordinary; my ability to be like this is nothing without God,” Alip said. “I believe, the great thing is God, it just so happens that this talent was entrusted to me,” Alip Ba Ta’s motto is to do well to others and the universe.

His fans around the world call themselves Alipers.

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Alip Ba Ta, Fingerstyle Indonesia

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