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My name is Mashuri Rachmad from Jakarta Indonesia. I am an engineer in one of Satellite telecommunications operators in Jakarta. My job requires me to travel around Indonesia and experience the unique and beauty of Indonesia. During my sparetime, I create a travel blog to share and tell the world about the beauty of Indonesia. I named my travel blog VacationspotIndonesia.

VacationspotIndonesia is a blog that provides complete information about Indonesia tourism. This blog is featuring articles about tourist attraction, food, music, culture and photography for passionate travellers around the world. We will also complete you with many tips and advices as your guidance and hopefully we can also give you inspirations.

We will reveal the beauty & magnificent Indonesia to the world. This blog is far from perfect, hopefully in the future this blog can be better and more informative. We apologize for any inadequacies that exist in this blog.

I hope this blog can be useful and also inspiring for travellers who are looking for information about Indonesia.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Mashuri Rachmad

4 Responses to About VacationSpotIndonesia

  1. tim jones says:

    I may visit Indonesia this Fall and would like to look up a WSU graduate school friend, Masman Andara (sociology). Any way I might be able to find him through local databases? He may be a professor.

  2. orchia says:

    What you mean is the former rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Magelang?

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