Batagor, Famous Street Food From Bandung, West Java

Batagor or Fried Fish Dumplings with Tofu is a street food snack from Bandung, West Java. The main ingredients are mackerel dough and tapioca flour then fried until browned and have a crispy texture. Batagor is usually served with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, sambal and lime juice. Batagor has a savory and sweet taste.

Batagor is a very popular snack in Indonesia, almost in all cities in Indonesia you can find this one snack. Batagor can be found in street stalls or stalls and is often found on the roadside using carts even in restaurants. Batagor is more considered a snack rather than a main meal. Batagor nutrition itself is quite a lot, One of the ingredients commonly used to make is mackerel.

Batagor, Street Food From Bandung

Batagor became famous since 1980. The unique story comes from a meatball trader who knows who is confused when the trade he sells does not sell. Then he thought rather than discarded, meatballs tofu that does not sell is fried so as not to get stale quickly and can be consumed again. From there, batagor was created that is now loved by the connoisseur. That is why batagor is very famous and considered to be a culinary treasure in sundanese area.

This snack is the perfect blend of meatballs, fried tofu, and tapioca flour. The main ingredients processed batagor is tapioca flour, mackerel dough, and tofu which is then fried. The taste of mackerel that becomes spicy, savory, sweet, and sour because it is mixed with other ingredients makes a piece of Batagor rich in flavor. Fans from various circles, from small children to parents also love the taste of batagor. The price is very popular making this batagor an option to snack.

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