Batu City of Malang

Batu City of Malang is one of the tourist spots that attractive to visit for domestic and foreign tourists when visiting Malang Raya, 15 kilometers northwest of Malang City. This tourist spot has a fresh temperature according to the mountains and nature that surrounded it. Moreover, it is still beautiful. It begins with natural attractions, romantic waterfalls, and beautiful mountains. Besides, the city is known as the ‘City of Apples’. It is because Batu City has producers of fruits, especially apples and vegetables. This tourist spot offers a variety of natural beauty, arts, and the exotic wood carving handicrafts of Batu City.

Malang Indonesia

Malang City Map


Peta kota Batu Malang

Batu City map

There are lots of fascinating places and activities that you can do when visiting the tourist spots of ​​Batu City. For art lovers, you can go from one gallery to another. Appreciate the various works of local artists is a good thing to do. Furthermore, you can enjoy the attractions of the Bantengan or Kuda Lumping art performance preserved through the community hereditary. The best way to enjoy the beauty of Batu City is staying a few days.

Bantengan art

Bantengan art Malang


Bantengan art Malang

Bantengan art


Kuda Lumping

Kuda Lumping Art

Here are some interesting tourist spot in Batu City:

Coban Rondo Waterfall

Coban Rondo Waterfall is in Pujon District, Batu City, and East Java at 1135 MASL. Besides, it has a height of 84 meters or about 276 feet. You will feel the fresh air and the sound of water splashing when you come to the Coban Rondo Waterfall in the forest. This place offers a panoramic view of natural beauty and an atmosphere that makes you want to immerse yourself in peace. This tourist spot well-known through foreign tourists from Asia such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and other European countries.

coban rondo waterfall

Coban Rondo Waterfall


coban rondo batu city

Coban Rondo Waterfall 2

Wana Wisata Omah Kayu

The next natural tourist destination is the treehouse on Gunung Banyak Street, Gunungsari Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City. This place offers a different sensation when you visit or spend the night in a treehouse to relax and enjoy the serenity of the exotic natural panorama. The best thing to spend the night in a wooden house is bringing warm clothes because at night the air temperature will cold. Don’t worry. If you are hungry and thirsty, there have stalls or cafes in the tourist spot. If you want to spend the night in a treehouse, you only need to pay around 350 thousand – 450 thousand rupiah.

TreeHouse Batu City

Tree House at Batu City


omah pohon kota batu malang

Tree House at Batu City

Apple Picking Tour

In Batu City of Malang, there are many tours to pick apples from the tree. This tourist spot is quite popular among people where it covers the agrotourism concept. In Batu City and Malang, there are various kinds of apples; every apple has a different taste and texture. If you want to enjoy apples from the tree directly, you only need to pay about 50 thousand rupiahs.

Apple Garden


Apple picking tour

Apple picking tour

Batu City Accommodation

Many accommodations are reaching from hotels to resorts in Batu City. It from high classes with Balinese tones such as swimming pools that blend with nature. It also has various attractive cheap inns, for instance, budget hotels and homestays. There is a great thing to enjoy in Batu City you can stay a few days there. Living in a homestay seems to be the best choice for those who want to immerse themselves in real life with nature and society.

Batu City Hotel

Hotel at Batu City


Batu City Resort

Resort at Batu City

How to get to Batu City?

It is not difficult to go to the tourist area of ​​Batu City. Besides, exploring the beauty of Batu City can be done effortlessly. Several tourist spots in Batu City get in one location that is nearby with another.

If you go from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, or Denpasar, there are flights to Abdulrahman Saleh Airport, Malang in every day. Then, you only need to continue the road trip about 24 kilometers or 45 minutes to arrive at the Batu City Tourist spots.

Besides, if you are from Bali Island using transportation, you can travel to Batu City from Denpasar by ferry at Gilimanuk Harbor to Banyuwangi. Then, you can continue the road trip of about 313 kilometers takes about 6 hours.

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