Exoticism Pandawa Beach – Bali

Bali island is one of the most favorite destination island of local and foreign travelers which located in Indonesia.

Bali is known worldwide because of its stunning natural beauty, friendly peoples and unique cultures. Bali is well preserved until now.

For those of you who often have your vacation in Bali, you may already familiar with its beaches which were already famous among the travelers such as Kuta, Sanur, Dreamland, Padang-padang,etc. You may even already bored visit all of those beaches in Bali.

Do not worry ! Not Bali if it can’t “make” a new place to attract tourists.

Recently, Bali opened a new beach which is located in the village of Kutuh South Kuta Badung, Bali. Its name is Pandawa beach.

Pantai Pandawa 1a

This beach was once called ‘Secret Beach’ because it was hidden behind the limestone hills. But since it was opened officially by local government at the end of December 2012 by holding of a Festival, Pandawa Beach is now crowded by tourists because of its natural and exotic scenery. Before it is widely known as a tourist destination, this beach was used only as a seaweed cultivation by surrounding communities.

Pantai Pandawa 2a

Why this beach named as Pandawa Beach ?…

Since there is a statue of Panca Pandawa on the side of a sheer cliff on the road leading to the beach.

Pantai Pandawa, Bali 2013--4

Pantai Pandawa 3a

Besides having a view of the cliffs and beautiful limestone hills, Pandawa beach also has beautiful panorama, with clean white sand and bluish green sea water, typical of the beaches in the hill area.

Pantai Pandawa 4a

Deserted beaches and tranquil atmosphere, this beach is perfect to bathe or swim because of the waves broke on the high seas.

Moreover, Pandawa beach is also a great place to see the sunrise because this beach is facing east.

Pantai Pandawa 6a

How to get there? …

there are two alternative roads to reach Pandawa beach :

  • If you are from Kuta / Denpasar, please take the road towards Uluwatu, approximately 1 kilometers from GWK (Garuda Whisnu Kencana) you will see the intersection Nirmala Minimarket, take the left towards Nusa Dua / Bali Cliff and follow the direction of the road to Bali Cliff. Approximately 2 kilometers, there are T-junction with directions to the Pandawa Beach on the left side of the road, turn left and follow the road until arriving at the intersection (there is a large signboard), then turn right and follow the road until the end to arrive at Pandawa Beach roughly with the distance of 4 kilometers.
  • If you are from Kuta / Denpasar through Ngurah Rai Bypass Nusa Dua, until you find the intersection of Tanjung Benoa, take the right path to Campus of Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata (STP) Bali, approximately 4 kilometers from the STP campus there are T-junction (there is a large signboard) turn left and follow the path it continues to run at Pandawa Beach with a distance of approximately 8 kilometers.
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