Indonesian Safari Park

Nearby recreational park of Jakarta is Indonesian Safari Park. Located in the village of Cibeureum, district. Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, was built in 1980. In ancient times, this area was a former tea plantation that is no longer productive. Total area is 138.5 acres, is located in the buffer zone of the National Park of Mount Gede Pangrango and at an altitude of 900-1800 above sea level, with average temperature – average 16-27 degrees Celsius.

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Indonesian Safari Park is a tourist spot that is environmentally friendly family-oriented wildlife habitat in the wild. Indonesian Safari Park presents a collection of thousands of animals from close to the concept of the modern zoo where the animals released as free in their natural habitat and visitors can expect to feel like in the real jungle.

In Bogor Safari Park you will not only enjoy the beauty of nature and see a variety of animals but you can also interact directly when the animals roam free in the wild. You can also travel in a conservation area by tracing the amazing wild habitats using private cars or buses are available.

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Seekor singa melintas di antara mobil pengunjung di jalur wisata satwa liar Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) Cisarua, Bogor, Jabar, Jumat (1/8)

In Indonesia, the Safari Park located in three provinces, namely Safari Park I in Cisarua Bogor, West Java, Safari Park II in Mount Arjuna, Prigen, East Java, and Safari Park III (Bali Safari and Marine Park) in Serongga Gianyar, Bali. Among the three, Safari Park I in Bogor is the most famous.

Bogor Safari Park has a collection of animals almost from all over the world. There are more than 2,500 animals with hundreds of species presently being conserved. Local animals that inhabit the Safari Park are komodo, rhinoceros, bison, bears, white tigers, elephants, anoa, and others.

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Upon entering the location of Bogor Safari Park, you will see the shady trees and feel the cool air of Mount Gede Pangrango. This experience would be an interesting thing to start your adventure with wild animals in the open nature.

You can visit the Safari Park in a different time, either during the day or night. Each one offers a different experience and worth a try.

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In free zones, there are places where you can buy some carrots to feed the elephants. Every 3 hours the friendly elephants will be present at the event entertaining.

Using cable car is a must. From the above you can see how big the actual Safari Park.

In the Wild-Wild West are held every day at 2 pm, you can watch the cowboy show. Viewers reserved seating with a half circular setting. So, all performances can be seen clearly from the top of the stands. Horse whinny sound, pistol and dynamite is part of the attraction of the cowboy who seemed so close because of the effect of its sound system.

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To enter a regular day (during the day), you can drive your own car. If you are more interested in the Night Safari it is advisable to use the shuttle. Guides are available for each shuttle that will explain to you about the wildlife out there.

After exploring the Safari Park neighborhood you will reach a free zone where you can park the vehicle and continue on foot. The free zone offers a variety of themed amusement rides and scheduled such as acrobatic entertainment gulls and eagles hunting and many more.

Another interesting place to visit is the Baby Zoo, where you can cuddle baby animals and take pictures with them.

How to get there

Not difficult to reach Safari Park. From Jakarta, you can use a rental car or buy a package tour offered by travel agents. It is not too far away, around 80 km from Jakarta and can be reached within 1-2 hours if the roads are not jammed.

If from Bandung can use public transportation such as buses, stop at Cibeureum Cisarua. Furthermore, by using public transportation continued about 15 minutes to get to Safari Park.

There are many clues along the way to Safari Park ranging from toll exit which can facilitate you to this location. Cisarua be before you arrive at puncak pass from mount pangrango. From toll-way to puncak, you will find instructions that Safari Park entrance is on the right.


Safari park management offers services to stay at night. Lodging in form of bungalows of wood with several chambers or sleepovers in a caravan provide a bed simple and toilet being comfortable. One bed is enough to accommodate a small family consisting of 4 people. Accommodation is very convenient if you want to enjoy the adventure during the day until the evening, offered a different sensation.

Safari Park is located in the Puncak area, where here there are various kinds of accommodation from simple to bungalows and villas.


Indonesian Safari Park
opens at 09.00 pm – 17.00 pm
For the Night Safari is open from 19:00 pm – 21:00 pm

Admission charged to visitors divided into Domestic for domestic travelers and International for foreign tourists. Domestic entrance ticket is IDR 140,000 per person for adults and children over six years old, children less than five years charged entrance fee of IDR 130,000 per person. International admission ticket is IDR 200,000 per person for adults and IDR 180.000 for children. For those who have an adventurous spirit, Safari Park also offers night safari program with the same ticket price. Night Safari is only available on Saturday nights only from 18:30 pm to 21:00 pm.

Admission ticket includes 9 game shows and 24 rides. 9 show it is Elephants Show, Various Animals, Tigers & Lions Show, Sea Lions Show, and Birds of Prey, Dolphins Show, Safari Theater, Cowboy Show and the Globe of Death. And 24 spacecraft show it is a 3D Haunted House, Mini Train Baby Zoo, Speed ​​Way, Loly swing, Flying Elephant, Giant Windmill, Jet Boat, Spinning Boat, Flying Geese, Pony Rodeo and others.

Do not open the windows of your car when it is in the area of ​​wild animals.

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