Komodo Island

Komodo Island is located in west part of Nusa Tenggara Timur in the center of Indonesia archipelago. It lies in the middle of Sumbawa Island and Flores Island . Administratively Komodo Island is located in Komodo District. Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia.  Komodo island is known as natural habitat for Komodo and also a Nation park which is managed by Indonesia Government. The Komodo Nation Park was built on 1980 as unique habitat for Komodo and has been recognized as Natural World Heritage by Unesco in 19 December 1991. This island also has been honored as one out of New 7 Wonders of Nature by New 7 Wonder Foundation in 2012. Until 2012 there are 1.300 komodo live in this Island and another 1.200 komodo lives in the Rinca Island and Gili Motang which is near to Komodo Island.

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In this island Komodo can live freely and survive for centuries.  Komodo is one of many endemics animal that live in Indonesia. Sometimes komodo also considered as close relative of Dinosaurs since it has leg structure which enable them to stand like dinosaurs. It is the largest reptile in the world with length up to 3meters and weight of 120 kg. Komodo is a carnivore and lives mostly on the deer and wild pigs that inhabit the island. They are good swimmers, and quite agile and swift on dry land. they also quick, strong and deadly. In fact, they can reach speeds of up to 18 miles (nearly 30 kilometers) per hour. In addition the komodo also famous for their shark-like teeth and poisonous saliva that can kill a person within days of a bite.

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There are no hotels inside the park. There are few bungalows operated by the Park Rangers. There are some guest houses available in Labuan Bajo and Rinca island.

The most common option is the stay overnight in Labuan Bajo and join daytrips through the park. The second option is to join Overnight Snorkeling boats which are operated by local or professional operator. You will have a wide variety of selections since there are over 40 different boats traveling inside Komodo National Park.

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Komodo Island Tour

In this exotic island you can do many things. It’s priceless to see Komodo this close and seeing them live in their natural environment. You will able to see komodo lying down in front of the national park rangers or just lying in front of them. Previously you need to offer goat to attract the komodo however nowadays it’s prohibited by the rangers.

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Rinca is far less familiar than Komodo Island however this is the best place to go to see dragons in their natural habitat and  the easiest place to witness the largest lizard on earth. Rinca is closer to Labuan Bajo compared to Komodo island.

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If you didn’t have any chances to see the komodo then you can sail the sea using yacht or fishing boats. There are some exotic places that are recommended for diving and snorkeling such as Merah Beach, Batu Bolong and Tatawa Island.

Not only famous for the komodo, this national park also offers divers (and snorkelers) a remarkable variety of marine life. As part of the “coral triangle” this is the richest concentration of marine life in the world.

a.   Tatawa Island

There are Tatawa Kecil and Tatawa besar. This island has magnificent underwater world. Spectacular rock formations, caves and beautiful coral grace the reef on the western side of this island. Many coral reef fishes, including large Groupers, Snappers, Sweetlips, Jacks and Sharks swim around. You can also see Dugong swim around on the southern side. And don’t forget the Turtles which seem to be everywhere and you can expect to see many as you explore this island.

b.   Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong which is located in northern Komodo is a rock pinnacle that lies in 75 metres of water between Tatawa Island to the east and Komodo main island to the west. It is also home to some of the strongest currents in Komodo. You may find pelagic fish, tuna, barracuda. Batu Bolong is also one of Komodo’s best sites for turtles.

c.   Castle Rock

This is The fish life here is so stunning with schooling barracuda, trevally, and mackerel awaiting divers at depths of 30-40 meters. White tips, black tips, gray reef sharks and giant trevally all frequent this site.

d.   Pantai Merah (Pink Beach)

Pantai Merah or Pink Beach is famous not only for its view but also for its unique pink sand. The sand beach is derived from small red sand spread out the beach area. In the whole world there are only 7 beaches with pink sand like this. This pink beach also has magnificent under water treasure. It’s home for variety of coloring fish lsuch as bat fish, butterfly fish and clown fish. There are 1000 fish species, 260 corals and 70 sponge species.

If you want to see bats then you can stay in motor boat in Kalong Island which just near to Rinca.

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There are also another activities that you can do in this island you can hike Mount Ara which located 538 meters above the sea level for 3 to 4 hours. You can also trekking for 1.5 hours in Rinca Island which if you lucky enough then you can find komodo which is hunt for their prey.  Not only komodo, Rinca island also famous for its savannah which is home for wild anilam such as deer, horse and bulls.

How to get there

To get to this wild island you can take flight from Bali or Kupang to Labuan Bajo or you can also take ferry from Bali or Lombok which is available for once or twice a week. There is also land transportation from Flores.

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