Mount Bromo – Captivating Beauty

Mount Bromo is derived from the word of Brahma (one of the Gods in Hindu). Bromo is an active volcano and well known as an icon of tourism in East Java. This mountain is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia but it has spectacular scenery.

Bromo Mountain map

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Mount Bromo is lies in four districts of East Java Province. It is located between Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang. Therefore Bromo is very easy to be reached from various parts of the city in East Java.

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Mount Bromo is a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It is unique with 5.250 hectares of sea sand area at an altitude of 2392 m above from sea level. You can ride and climb at Mount Bromo by using the provided stairs and see the captivating charm of sunrise and sunset. It will be an unforgettable personal experience when you see it directly.

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Riding a horse on a sea of sand that only owned by Bromo national parks is a memorable experience. This sea of sand is very broad with an altitude of 2 392 meters, a unique nature which only exists in Indonesia. This sea of sand looks awesome when the sun rays in the morning, it clearly visible from Cemoro Lawang, one of the entrances to the national park.

Bromo Mountain

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Enjoy a wide spread of ocean sand; see the splendor of Mount Semeru towering to the sky, and stare at the beauty of the Sun who moved out of the nightfall or otherwise enjoy the dim twilight of the ridge Bromo is totally an unforgettable experience.

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Witnessed a spectacular sunrise from Mount Bromo is the culmination of the tour in Bromo. Come in Kasada / the 10th month (usually in September-November) and watch the annual Kasada festival, where the tribe of tengger come to bromo throw the scarifications consisting of vegetables, chicken, and money into volcanic craters.

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Mount bromo is inhabited by Tengger tribe which believes that Mount Bromo is a place where a prince sacrificed his life for his family. They do Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo festival once a year by sacrifices vegetables, chicken, and money were thrown into the volcano crater to be presented to God.


The temperature at Mount Bromo is ranging between 3-20° Celsius, but it can be a few degrees below zero during the dry season. If you are not familiar with cold air then you should bring a jacket, gloves, and hats or other headgear. After sunrise the weather is quickly becoming pretty hot in here.

Do not forget to bring a camera or a camcorder so you can capture those amazing natural beauty.

Route of sea of sand climbing is very steep, four-wheeled vehicles are not recommended. Riding, hiking, or rent a 4X4 vehicle from a tour guide can be an alternative.

Things to do in Mount Bromo

How to get there

Because it is located in four districts, the transportation to Bromo is very easy from various parts of the city in East Java. Below are some routes to reach Mount Bromo :

Route to Bromo from Probolinggo district:
1. Tongas – Lumbang – Sukapura – Ngadisari- Cemoro Lawang – Mount Bromo
2. Ketapang – Patalan – Sukapura – Ngadisari- Cemoro Lawang – Mount Bromo

Route to Bromo from Malang district:
1. Tumpang – Gubuk Klakah – Jemplang -Penanjakan – Mount Bromo

Route to Bromo from Pasuruan district:
1. Wonorejo – Warungdowo – Tosari – Wonokitri – Pananjakan – Mount Bromo

Route to Bromo from Lumajang district:
1. Senduro – Bumo – Ranu Pane – Mount Bromo

In order to arrive on time to see the sunrise, you should go with the computation time, or you can stay at one of the hotels in Prigen Tretes to make sure that you can reach the slopes of the crater before sunrise.

Flights to Malang


There are many guest house and hotels around Mount Bromo. Bromo Guest House is located in Ngadisari about 3 km from the crater slopes or you can select other hotels in Cemoro Lawang which is located on the slopes of the crater.

You can also stay in Tretes, Pasuruan or Malang. These are the cities closest to Mount Bromo with cool shades mountain resort. There were also a lot of nice hotels that offer spectacular view of Mount Semeru and Mount Arjuna.

Review hotels near Bromo

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