The Culture of Mutual Cooperation “Gotong Royong” in Indonesian Society

Gotong royong culture is a social activity that is carried out together voluntarily. The culture of working together by the people of Indonesia has been done for a long time, usually this activity is routinely carried out by Indonesian people who live in the countryside. The work carried out varies, ranging from road repairs, cleaning the environment, cleaning places of worship, renovating houses, building facilities to weddings and other useful activities.

The community is working together for the construction of a place of worship.
Young people collect recyclable waste

Gotong Royong activities seem to have become a characteristic of the Indonesian nation, namely, helping each other, caring for each other and high solidarity for mutual progress and improving the quality of life as social creatures. This has become embedded and become the culture of Indonesian society. Until now gotong royong activities are usually carried out every weekend or precisely on Sundays and other religious holidays and the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

The people in Islamic religious holidays, Eid al-Adha
Young people clean places of worship. pic: @karangtaruna_payakan

While another benefit of gotong royong activities is to keep the community environment clean and awake, environmental security from crime is increasingly guaranteed if there are new arrivals or suspicious foreign guests, the creation of a sense of brotherhood and mutual understanding if there is one of the residents who need help. A sense of peace and peace is obtained by fellow citizens who care for each other and help each other. Gotong royong activities are done together and feel the same.

Communities work together on road repairs

Indonesia’s diverse people with different religions, tribes and races will unite and foster a sense of community and unity between communities. With existing unity, society can become stronger and able to face the problems that arise or develop good ideas to be done for the sake of mutual progress. Then the feeling of helping each other will provide influence and benefits for many people. Gotong royong culture by Indonesian society will continue to be done considering humans as social creatures who will need others in their survival.

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